Advice and questions engaged couples should ask their wedding photographer

January 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have been thinking on what I could add to my blog that will help out newly engaged couples when it comes to their decision making in choosing their wedding photographer that will cover their special day. I myself are in the midst of planning my very own wedding so I figured that now would be the perfect timing to start a blog of my own to share my thoughts and pieces of advice that I can give for future engaged couples when they are searching for their professional photographer. With that being said, I'll post a piece of advice at least once a week if not more to help those newly engaged couples.

I am very excited as to this will be my first official blog on this website. I hope that the advice and knowledge that I pass onto you will be of great help in your decision making.

When choosing your wedding photographer you are choosing someone that will cover your entire day. That can be a tough decision as you are trusting someone to capture all those highlighted and candid moments. You're trusting that they will have all the necessary equipment and most importantly back up equipment. After all you never know when there could be a technology failure?
It might not be the most popular question that I get asked upon a inquiry for a wedding, in fact I don't get asked that question very much, but it is something that I feel should be asked. It is important after all to check with your wedding photographer that they have that necessary equipment in case of a technology failure.
They wouldn't be professional if they didn't carry that back up equipment.



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